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in a reraattionshipp (3 years with my babe!). <3
my face/my stuffs. c:
i run lovelydyedlocks ;3

Hey guess what, you can also follow me on instagram&#160;!! @gentlelooks ♥︎
Remember when my hair was super amazing and colorful. And my wooden heart plugs weren&#8217;t broken. 
Ughhh I miss having colorful hair. 
New bbbysss. c&#8217;: So happy. 

After 10 weeks of being across the country my boyfriend comes home on Monday.

I am so excited. ;__;

I’m going to marathon watch Sailor Moon from the beginning for the next few days.


My new peacock hair. c: 
Hair is looking a little frizzy frazzly, but that’s my own fault for blow drying it. Haha~ Special thanks to my Mom for helping me for three hours to do this. ♥
P.S. Dyes used are: Direction’s Apple Green, Adore Aquamarine, Adore Rich Fuchsia, Adore Pink Rose, Adore Violet Gem, Ion Color Brilliance Brights Purple, and Ion Color Brilliance Brights Teal. 

8 more days until I fly to New York.

8 more days until I get to see my boyfriend.

8 more days until hugs and kisses and cuddles. 

8 more days until I get to eat amazing Italian pastries.


Just had to share my latest Goodwill find! A practically new Betsey Johnson dress (found it online for around $250!) for the amazing price of $6! Fits like a glove, super comfortable, and in amazing condition. It also has a sweetheart neckline, but the photos I took looked somewhat awkward. Haha. Someone had hand stitched straps onto it, but those are bye-bye~! I swear, I could only shop at Goodwill forever. Thank you to whomever donated this beauty. 


The countdown until my boyfriend leaves for New York.

The countdown until I can go and visit him.

The countdown until he comes home.

The countdown until he leaves for college.

It’ll be so lonely when he’s not home with me.

The distance is going to be so hard.

Half of my lovely collection. c: It&#8217;s hard to fit in hanging styles as well. @_____@

In three weeks my darling boyfriend leaves for New York for ten weeks. 

It’s going to feel like his a million miles away.

This is going to be a lonely summer.

Woohoo~ Finally getting an iPhone. c:

Goodwill shopping is so glorious. 

So many amazing finds!